Moose Ridge Associates

Moose Ridge Associates is one of the foremost lobbying and advocacy firms in Augusta. We have represented clients and given Maine people a voice in the legislative process for over two decades. In these years we have developed and nurtured strong relationships within the legislative structure and the political grassroots community that have earned us the reputation as a forward-looking and effective advocacy agent for our clients. The balance of our skills in strategy, planning, marketing, communications, political, media and business savvy all come together in the team that makes up Moose Ridge today.


  • A Different Kind of Running for Office
  • Tuesday, July 12, 2011
  • Representative Louis Luchini of Ellsworth was a former professional runner for Nike.
“As a member of the Behavioral Health Community Collaborative and as President and CEO of Sweetser I am both proud and pleased to have Moose Ridge represent us in Augusta. Committed, dedicated, communicative, energetic and thorough are just a few of the many superlatives they deserve.” Carl Pendleton, Sweetser